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Emergency Door Operation

4226M - Jalite Push to open 4227M - Jalite Pull to open 4273M - Jalite Push pad to open

4226PT 100 x 300mm
4226M 80 x 200mm

4227PT 100 x 300mm
4227M 80 x 200mm

4273PT 100 x 300mm
4273M 80 x 200mm

4775Y - Jalite Push 4776Y - Jalite Pull 4525A - Jalite Push button to exit 4273A - Jalite Push pad to open 4304PT - Jalite Push bar to open

100 x 150mm

100 x 150mm

100 x 100mm

100 x 100mm

4304PT 100 x 300mm
4304K 150 x 400mm

Break Glass

4467M - Jalite In case of fire break glass to reach latch 4468M - Jalite In case of fire break glass bolt to open 4042C - Jalite Emergency door release
80 x 200mm

80 x 200mm

4042C 150 x 150mm
4042A 150 x 150mm


4075M - Jalite break glass to operate door


4469M - Jalite In case of fire break glass for key

4324D - Jalite In case of fire break glass
80 x 200mm
80 x 200mm

150 x 200mm

Turn To Open

4249A - Jalite Turn To Open 4250A - Jalite Turn To Open    

4249A 100 x 100mm
4249C 150 x 150mm

4250A 100 x 100mm
4250C 150 x 150mm

4251A - Jalite Turn To Open 4252A - Jalite Turn To Open 4320PT - Jalite Turn To Open 4321PT - Jalite Turn To Open

4251A 100 x 100mm
4251C 150 x 150mm

4252A 100 x 100mm
4252C 150 x 150mm

4461A - Jalite Turn To Open 4462A - Jalite Turn To Open

4461A 100 x 100mm
4461C 150 x 150mm

4462A 100 x 100mm
4462C 150 x 150mm

100 x 300mm
100 x 300mm

Slide To Open

4221C - Jalite Slide To Open 4219C - Jalite Slide To Open 4303PT - Jalite Slide Right To open - IMPA Code: 33.4483 - ISSA Code: 47.544.83
100 x 300mm


150 x 150mm


150 x 150mm
4228PT - Jalite Slide Left To open - IMPA Code: 33.4482 - ISSA Code: 47.544.82
4228PT 100 x 300mm